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" Providing leadership to restore Liberia"

3.Law and order:

We are a peaceful, law-abiding people and country and we will want very much to remain that way. Although we are just walking out of our recent violent past, we can and should unlearn the logic of violence as a people and in its place, take up the logic and peace, goodwill and prosperity. Our laws and their enforcers will make it their business to cause Liberians to live by the laws, whether they are civil, labor, criminal or whatever. A law-abiding and orderly people are on their way to progress and prosperity. We will not undermine law and order.

Government spending:

Traditionally, government has been a big spender and most government spending is on items it probably does not need to spend on. For example, paying government workers handsome salaries and attractive incentives is not bad. But in a country where many ordinary people cannot eat a decent meal daily, it is morally wrong for government to spend so much money on personnel costs. Does government need to buy vehicles at $US 35, 000.00 or more for Ministers, Directors and other senior level personnel? Does it need to give one such person up to 100 gallons of fuel or gasoline per month in addition to regular salary and other incentives? We think no. When we work hard to move our people from their poverty state and become middle-level income earners, then, such practices make sense. Government also spends large sums on foreign travels especially when we do not have a national carrier. We need to take steps to spend prudently here

Legal tender:
The country has used two currencies for a long time, the Liberian and United States dollars, respectively. We have to decide on over the other. If we decide to use the United States dollar, then, we must put stringent fiscal controls in place to check and guide against the current huge and unchecked capital flight affecting the country. Large amounts of $US dollars fly over the counter daily that do not have to go through any bank because doing so benefits most of those in power. The other alternative is to rely on the Liberia dollar exclusively for all financial transactions in the country and have the banks and other financial institutions convert currencies.

Mass Media:


The media is a significant policy vehicle for private and public use. We will continue to regard the media as a significant actor for the Liberian people. Government will enhance and expand media operations and require media personnel and the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to step up the media platform for excellence. Social media platforms are now playing significantly in the media world and the Party will not neglect them nor will it simply tag them along.