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" Providing leadership to restore Liberia"

The Social Contract Concept

The Social Contract concept of the Liberia Restoration Party

It is our belief that in order to restore a nation whose people have suffered deliberately and extensively at the hands of their own leaders, we must establish policies and laws that will guaranteed the trust of the people in government. This initiative, we believe, will provide the foundation upon which Liberia will be restored, one of the only reasons for which we have decided to be an active part of the Liberian political process. But what exactly do we mean by Social Contract? What benefit will it have for a nation such as ours? Why social contract? Is social contract a Christian value, a moral value or just an ideology? These and many more will be our point of discussion in this paper, and we invite all Liberians to join us as we strive to set a level playing field where all of us can be key player, thus restoring this great nation for once.

 Brief history of Social Contract

Social contract concept is a believe that people’s moral and/or political obligations are dependent upon a contract or agreement to form the society in which they live. To be continued....