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" Providing leadership to restore Liberia"

Senior & infirm citizens:

Senior citizens and the infirm are people who have given their best to their country and so deserve to be well cared for. Liberian culture makes taking care of our old and infirm more humane and we will strive to empower families that have senior citizens and infirm people so that they can provide them with much better care. We do not think it best to build new institutions for this purpose. Rather, we will strengthen existing structures to be more responsive to the plight of senior and infirm citizens.


Youth vision:

Our country’s population is mostly youthful and so young people become major stakeholders in any government arrangement. They are the country’s engine. The Party will encourage youth participation at all levels of society. Youth will be involved in driving the Party’s agenda and programs. Youth development policies and programs will include youth empowerment and employment. Youth programs will feature in schools, work places and recreation.


The family the Liberia Restoration Party recognizes is the lawful union between two consenting adults of the opposite sex (a man and a woman), and their children, where their union produces children. Being Liberians, we also recognize the extended family of near and distant relatives who live apart or together but who consider themselves as family.

Ritualistic killings:

Ritual murder is murder and so criminal and devilish. It is unfortunate that some among us believe that the best way for them to rise is to shed the lifeblood of an innocent person at the altar of some demon or the devil himself. The Party holds that ritual murderers, if tried and found guilty should face the capital punishment.

Our stand on:

1. Humanity: 

The Liberian Restoration Party affirms that God created all human beings in His image and likeness and for that reason humanity is dignified. We uphold human dignity and sanctity. As such we love every human being and hate none because we all bear God’s image.


Traditions & secret societies

We love our people and value our traditions. Yet, not everything in our traditions is healthy and proper. While we support those positive aspects of our traditions, we equally denounce their negative aspects. By the same token, we abhor witchcraft in all its forms and factions as these pull people directly away from God’s influence on them and affect the nation negatively.


Homosexuality and lesbianism:

We think that it is against God and nature that people of the same sex should engage in any type of sexual activity or relationship, whether they feel attraction to each other or not. As such, the Party does not endorse same sex relationships whether private or public and certainly does not support any marriage of same sex people.



​ The Liberia Restoration Party does not support abortion as a woman’s rights to her body nor does it subscribe to legalizing its practice.


People-oriented development

The Party will undertake development for the people, by the people, through the people and with the people. Without them, development has lost its import. Every development activity will answer these questions:
1. Do the people need this activity?
2. How will this activity affect the people?
3. Why should the people drive this activity?
4. What should the people do with this activity?
5. How do we come alongside the people as they conduct this activity?
6. If this activity fails to move the people to the next level, what should we do?
7. How do we measure the level of success this activity has achieved?
8. How can we improve it for future use?

Our development should lift the people from a lower living standard to higher and better one.


Liberia became independent in 1847 and therefore has appreciable experience in self-governing. At its birth, the Founders of this nation had a vision of the nation they desired and for which they sacrificed even to their blood. They undertook an experiment they did not think would die with them or soon after them, but one whose outcome would give life, liberty and prosperity to posterity. Successive generations and governments since then have walked in this vision at varying speeds, intensities and scopes, but hopefully, with the same vision in mind. Their collective experience has become our legacy. They have done their part and now it is to us to either step down or step up on their vision. We applaud our 168 years experience as a significant aspect of our nation’s legacy. But we lag still behind the newer independent countries on the continent in many respects. We are among the continent’s poorest people and live with a deep longing to be what we should be but are not yet. Our children gaze at a bleak future. Will our chronic dependency syndrome that freezes our minds and hands to be a people swallow up our children? Have we lost the Founders’ vision and focus? The Liberia Reformation Party believes it is time to arouse our nation to pick up the vision and heritage of its Founders, restore what must be. We can do nothing less if Liberia must move from surviving to living abundantly. This is our call, this is our challenge and this is our responsibility.