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" Providing leadership to restore Liberia"


Our Platform

A very huge question before us concerns the type of Liberia we wish to see and help create. For generations politicians and political parties and interest groups have arisen and left the scene. And many more will come in the future. But we have to stop at a point and ask ourselves hard questions about the Liberia we envisage and how to bring it about. The restoration motif has got to be more than political talk. It must be about a way of live for a people. As such, it must operate within certain principles and take responsibility for creating the Liberia we envisage.

Restoring Liberia is restoring its people and environment. It is about restoring our thinking, acting and living beyond what they are now. It is about the entire Liberian people rising up and acting individually and collectively around basic guiding principles or philosophies so we can achieve the Liberia we desire and envisage. So, what kind of Liberia do we envisage for us and our children and their children? We envisage a Liberia that is centered on God and the Liberian people. Politicians have told us repeatedly that God can’t be in politics. We think differently and hold that healthy politics begins with God, the Creator and Owner of the human beings and their habitat over which politics exercises its authority and powers. We are not speaking of a theocracy,but a republic that recognizes God above everything else and the people only next to Him. Everything we do is to first please God and then if that is our goal, then, restoring the people and nation becomes a Godly act. The Liberia Restoration Party therefore, envisages a political structure that allows its people—government and private citizens,to act in a manner that pleases God and is consistent with His pleasure. Whether we work in politics, religion, philosophy, science, commerce and industry, education, business, culture or whatever else, we do so in the awe and reverence of God Almighty.In this Liberia, therefore, the people and their government:

1. Are deeply God-conscious, God-centered and God-driven
2. Develop a higher view of themselves and of government
3. Are diligent and productive in their work
4. Are proud of their country and strive to make it their envy.
5. Strive to prosper their country rather than pillaging it, loathing it, and neglecting it
6. Focus on their opportunities, acknowledge their challenges and act to resolve them
7. Allow maximum female participation in governance and leadership
8. Restore dignity to people and give each a reason to feel and be human
9. Are happy, willing and eager investors in the country
10.Pay required taxes and act voluntarily to support the country’s forward march
11.Care significantly about their collective health and welfare
12.Have equal access to education and health care
13.Strive to respond to the people’s basic needs promptly and pro-actively

14.Carefully spend the country’s money to improve the people’s living standard
15.Motivate the people to understand political practice as ongoing public and private action for the people’s welfare, one in which the people are key actors beyond election seasons
16.Produce a clean, sanitized Liberia—physically, environmentally, morally and spiritually
17.Are responsible for their development and remain the change they desire
18.Protect the environment (air, land and water)
19.Are frugal and not wasteful
20.Seek peace and tranquility and restore broken relationships
21.Cause justice to reign
22.Seek only what is best for the people and nation 23.Act only in the best interest of their country, their common heritage.


We Liberians have made ourselves suffer for long and have deprived ourselves of the very essence of life in many ways than few. It is time now to take stringent measures to remedy our collective plight. Let us discuss the matters above. A God-centered, people-driven Liberia. By being God-centered,we mean that Liberia will build its consciousness on a Godly foundation. It will not throw God out of public life and limit Him to only private life. The people and their government will conduct business based on their collective God-consciousness and act expressly based on God’s moral laws for humanity. They will encourage God-talk in public, teach God-consciousness in schools and act based on their understanding of God and His demands on them.

A God-centered, people-driven Liberia

By being God-centered, we mean that Liberia will build its consciousness on a Godly foundation. It will not throw God out of public life and limit Him to only private life. The people and their government will conduct business based on their collective God-consciousness and act expressly based on God’s moral laws for humanity. They will encourage God-talk in public, teach God-consciousness in schools and act based on
their understanding of God and His demands on them.

The government will also be people-driven, meaning that the country will rely on all its people for its development. Without the people there can be no government and so the people are the most significant earthly priorities of government. Their life and well-being will be the government’s duty.

Diligent and productive people:

No nation that has attained development has done so with its citizens sitting hands folded and waiting for outsiders to develop their nation. Liberia will review its understanding and practice of work. The people will require a new understanding of work and develop a new work ethics, one that views work not as punishment but something of necessity that is healthy, productive and meaningful. For Liberians to regard work in this light, they will be taught at home, school, places of worship, work places and in their communities the dignity of labor. The people will have to become productive laborers who serve diligently in their various professions, employing their best skills for the common good of not only themselves and their families, but also for the nation. Their work should gratify them. A Liberia that is the pride of Liberians

One thing that has stalled our development as a nation concerns our self-understanding and identity. Many of us are happy to be any other person but Liberians because there is not much to be proud of about Liberia. Over the years, the country has become a literal hell from which to flee, an asylum turned assailant. We have a dream-killer country that offers very little opportunity to its own to follow their hearts and help
develop their potentials. In many respects, the country is home to which its people hardly feel welcome. In order to restore this, we have to strive to make Liberia more homely, a place of hope and opportunities where young and old alike, rich and poor can be free to test their ideas, develop their competences and become proud of themselves and their country. The Lone Star of the continent should let its brilliance attract its own first, and then, the rest of humanity through how it views itself and how it treats itself. We can make Liberia the pride of Liberians. After a while, Liberians everywhere should be able to look at themselves and their country and say, “I am glad to be a Liberian.”


A Prospering Liberia 

We are a very small country in population and landmass. Population explosion can be a problem but it can also be a solution. This country still has huge tracks of arable land on which no human communities live or work. We are also blessed with resources. But we must learn to apply ourselves in such a way that those resources benefit us and lead to prosperity. We have been too poor for too long for no good reason. We can, and should determine to prosper. Prosperity means hard and smart work and there is no reason why our people should not rise a level beyond their current status. We desire to Liberia that progresses in its prosperity.

A united Liberia

We are one nation indivisible. That suggests that we have more in common than we have differences and our differences are good and healthy. We can feed on our commonalities while not neglecting our differences. But we must not allow our differences to divide and destroy us. A Liberia that understands its uniqueness will learn to love itself and its people. Rather than slaughter our citizens at the altars of demons through various blood rituals, we will love and support one another and learn to act positively for our common good. We will learn to weigh our decisions and actions and ensure that they are in line with the common good of the nation instead being driven by selfish ambition and interests. This Liberia will have to refocus. Maximum female participation in governance and leadership Liberia is a land of liberty where everyone of its citizens has the right to participate in its development, including its governance. The UP lead-government of President Sirleaf has done very well in not only having a female president, but also causing more females to participate in government and leadership. Considering how women have been the driving force of the nation and its economy for some time now, it is significant to open more opportunities for Liberia’s women to participate more actively in its public and private life. Developing women to develop the nation is the way to go. We will ensure more female participation in governance.

Restoring human dignity:

For a long time, many Liberians live and feel like they are not whole. At one time, their cultural situation tended to deprive them of dignity. Then, their social and economic situation made them not to enjoy full human dignity. We need to give Liberians a reason to each feel like a normal human being in a normal functioning society. Restoring human dignity also implies that people respect life and property and treat each person like a creature who bears God’s image. We need to identify those things that rob people of their dignity and leave them disgraced and work to change how they relate to those things.

Happy, eager taxpayers and investors:

Many Liberians do not understand why they should pay taxes because they see their taxes end up in few government officials’ bank accounts while their country lies in ruins. Other taxpayers pay grudgingly rather than willingly and they are not happy to pay taxes. Besides, many Liberians are unable to invest meaningfully into their country’s economy for different reasons. As a result, they have little or no say in the country’s economic situation. They are mere spectators rather than active participants. We must restore our people’s understanding about government and taxes and encourage them become investors rather than consumers. Then, we should use their taxes responsibly
so that they become willing and eager taxpayers and investors in the economy. The country needs this pool of voluntary developers and managers for its forward movement.


National welfare:

A nation can never grow bigger or better than it’s people’s health and welfare. A healthy population makes for a wealthy nation, making the saying, “health is wealth,” meaningful. The people’s welfare is more than end of month salary or paycheck. It extends to how they live, their patterns of life, work, recreation, nutrition, health care delivery and infrastructure, education, security and overall quality of life. Our people are
dying so young because our national welfare status is so low. We must revert this trend and restore our people’s welfare. This does not mean that we create a public structure of perpetual dependence that makes people less people and more projects. At the same time, it should be responsive to the people whenever and wherever needed. Already, many of our people cannot afford to attend the hospital and conduct routine
medical checks until some sickness forces them to slum in at a clinic, hospital or some health facility. So we have this large population of sick people who cannot afford decent health. Many who can afford decent health do so by leaving the country instead of helping to invest in the nation’s health infrastructure for simple procedures as conducting medical checkups. And it is mostly our public officers who lead this way.
That has to change.


A deeply concerned Liberia:

We live in a country that often frustrates it citizens and does not seem to have much concern for them. Or, it is concerned but shows that concern in ways that do not quite deliver it. Go to the market, shop, store, office, hospital, school and other such places and watch how people relate. A small population of four million can do better to show deep concern for itself and help each person feel that concern. We are already a warm people and so harnessing this quality for our collective benefit should not be much problem.


Basic needs, not luxury:

Our people have basic needs. Many are hungry, many go naked and many are sick. Many others live in subhuman conditions, are uncertain about tomorrow and do not think they have any legitimate claim to the benefits of the country because they belong to those who occupy the place of luxury. This is already driving so many people into depression and other psychological conditions and we can’t sit and watch it continue. The country can only move forward when its people think right, are not afraid that they cannot have their basic needs met. Safe drinking water and electricity are major challenges that impair meeting people’s basic needs. When we restore these basic needs to the people, they will have more time to think about theirs and the nation’s development priorities. Prudent government spending Government spending over the years is increasingly bigger each year and there may be good reasons for that. However, when dealing with government spending, it is crucial to determine priorities that have national significance. It is good to pay highly skilled personnel well. At the same time, it is important to review and revise government spending on payroll and logistics in light of best practices in the cause of national development. We think government spending should reflect the country’s standard of living and accord with policies and practices that allow more people to be at work. Government spending should produce positive results in the people’s overall living conditions. This includes county development funds meant to improve the lives of people in the counties. County level authorities like chiefs, education, community and business heads should have a say in how spending their county fund. We plan to restore government spending to a level that brings health and sanity to the nation.

Efficient and effective judicial system:

Justice is righteousness. Strengthening the country’s judicial structure to dispense justice swiftly and efficiently is key to developing the nation. The ancient Near Eastern Sage, Solomon got it right when he observed the by justice a king builds up the land, but he who exacts gifts tears it down. We need to restore the justice system so it can be more functional and serve the people better. Traditional societies had their own ways
of dealing justice in their communities. We should learn from their wisdom when erecting an efficient and effective judicial system even if only to learn why they administered justice they ways they did. The poor have cried too long and must now stop weeping when they stand in justice with more powerful and affluent opponents.


Bottom-up development paradigm:

Many of our people have understood development to be primarily the initiative and sole responsibility of government. We need to restore this with a bottom-up development paradigm that places development at the doors of the people. They should have a say in development and be its prime drivers. Government should provide the impetus for bottom-up development that places development in the hands of the people. The people should drive their development, bear its burdens and benefit from its proceeds as well. Such development should also be context and people sensitive.

Politics for all:

For too long we have defined politics as the business of professional politicians to the exclusion of the people. Yet, the professionals who are not professionals at all before they start their political career, rely on the people’s votes to enter the political gymnasium. We wish to redefine politics and realign our understanding of it with our goals of making it everyone’s practice. This implies that political activities will not be limited to partisan political activities like campaigns, elections and things like that. Rather, restoring our political understanding will imply that we engage in politics at levels and stages beyond political seasonal activities. For example, Liberia Restoration Party shall be a party at work during and after political campaigns and elections. We will serve when occupying and not occupying political offices. Such national services shall be among our key identifying marks. The party by this will garner people and material resources to act in society for society’s greater benefit whether in or out of political office. Politics will be an ongoing citizens’ action for national development.

A clean Liberia:

We are polluting our once pleasant country fast and dangerously. Liberians used to say “cleanliness is next to godliness.” But that datum is fast eroding. Visit our large towns and populated communities; walk along our beaches and undeveloped lands and what you see and smell tell a completely different story. Streets, school campuses, public premises, homes, highways and byways, markets and almost everywhere that you find people and what meets your eyes first is not the people but their filth. Beauty we have lost in places that once bestowed them. Our once graceful public and private places have become a disgrace. Liberia Restoration Party wants to restore the nation back to cleanliness. Why should I.N.G.Os expend huge personnel costs on telling us year after year to wash our hands and be careful about the water we drink? What value have the many years of this kind of WASH-led initiatives added to us as a people?  Such facilities of ease like decent public toilets we lack in the heart of our towns and in commercial districts. People defecate and urinate in the streets—almost any where they feel and turn around and sit by their excrement and sell food and other consumer goods. This practice is sure recipe for the fast spread of especially, waterborne diseases during the rainy season. We have to reform our people’s thinking and lifestyle about dealing with their waste and together, work for a cleaner, neater, more beautiful and healthier Liberia. Cleanliness is health and health is life. Liberians deserve life.

 Our airways, too, need cleaning and sanitizing. Travel the length and breadth of the country and watch our people especially engage in what they call “entertainment.” Provision shops, food centers and “entertainment centers” blast the airways with very loud, uninvited music that hardly consider the sensitivities of others. Tired and sick people, health centers and schools in these areas all suffer this air pollution. Even Churches, too pollute the airways with loud blasts of music and shouts at night hours when some people are sleeping or resting. Noise has become a norm when it should not.

 But a clean Liberia also includes its moral and spiritual environments. Our young people especially, are polluting their bodies at alarming rates with alcohol and harmful drugs. Many people are making their wealth at our expense by producing and selling alcoholic
beverages to Liberians indiscriminately. It’s all about getting their money. Being human is more than consuming commodities, including food and drinks. We are not consumption engines. A restored Liberia will require people with restored minds, restored health, restored views of life, restored practices and restored paradigms. And the way to go is to clean up the country at different levels. Even our airways are polluted with filth they call music where “entertainment centers” blast the airways for hours with little sensitivity to other people’s needs for calm and peaceful relaxation, especially in residential and open commercial markets. We hope to restore these so that we benefit from them.

 Every citizen a nation builder:

 The priority to build or develop Liberia rests upon every citizen’s shoulders and not in the hands of few people. That is, every citizen is a nation builder and what we need is an enabling environment in which each citizen can find a meaningful way to build the nation. The Restoration Party hopes to grind this mentality in the ordinary Liberia so they take the nation’s development into their own hands and make it their priority. In building a house of many cement blocks, each builder lays a block and government becomes the architect who supervises the construction and ensures that all the builders lay their blocks properly and every other worker on the project does his or her part expertly and faithfully. When all have thus worked, the finished product is a house both builders and visitors look at with satisfaction and pleasure. So in order to build a Liberia that all its citizens are proud of, every citizen must do his or her part of the work well and faithfully.

 Every Liberian a change agent:

We have fought for change and still clamor for more and better change. We often think that those in public offices are the ones to deliver change at our doorsteps while we are passive spectators. No wonder they so disappoint us repeatedly. Liberia Reformation Party desires for each Liberian to be that change agent for the change they want to see. We wish to restore each person to the extent that they regard themselves as change agents for the change they desire in their lives, families, communities, workplaces, worship places, schools and markets. It is possible and desirable for everyone to be involved in changing the nation for the better. In this regard, the party desires that Liberians think more intensely, work more diligently and talk more constructively. How shall we produce thinkers, scientists, mathematicians, artisans and the technicians we need in various areas of our society when we continue to focus on talking, talking, talking and doing little to groom people in national development? 

Environmental protection:

 God has blessed this country with graceful natural environment. Apart from polluting that environment, we are also accelerating its degradation. Soils, tree species, birds and animals, fishes and water bodies are all feeling the pain we inflict on them. We need to restore our natural environment by protecting it even if we use it for economic and other purposes. The Liberia Restoration Party hopes to motivate Liberians in restoring our environment through policy enactments and enforcements.


That poor people can be wasteful is an irony. Our country is among the poorest of the earth’s poor yet, we are wasteful. We buy what we do not need and spend on what burdens us. And many people suffer because of this wasteful living. We need to restore this and learn frugality. Look around our towns and see how much we waste every year. Check out the old and nonfunctional expensive vehicles that sit in garages and
roadsides because we cannot find a small part it needs. We make others wealthy from our waste. When we cook our meals, we prefer to waste the money we do not have on food items we really do not need while leaving out those that make significant nutritional difference to us. On the overall, our habits do not align with our pockets and purses. It is time to reform that, too.


Liberia first:

Many Liberians have spoken about making Liberia first. In reality, most of those who have so spoken have made Liberia last. But that does not mean that Liberia cannot be first, only next to God. If we place our nation over and above our individual interests, then, our collect interest and objective as a nation become our common dream and purpose. A deliberate program to place Liberia first will help Liberians understand that
they can make their nation become whatever they decide it should be. The Liberian Restoration Party hopes to restore in Liberians an ardent desire to put country and people first before individual interests. Such state will naturally lead Liberians to desire their own improvement in whatever situation they find themselves. 

Peace, tranquility and restoring broken relationships:

Peace is more than the absence of war. Individuals and groups of people may not be at war but they may also lack peace and tranquility. And relationships may break between two people or between two or more groups and such developments ruin the quality of relationship that exists between those people and groups. The nation will strive to foster and maintain peace and tranquility and restore broken relationships between its


Reign of justice:

We lament daily that our system miscarries justice. We have undertaken judicial reforms mostly by training and appointing additional “competent” personnel in our judicial system. Much like the political structure, real and significant change does not mean merely replacing one person with another. Court cases linger on dockets, bribery still goes on, many people still languish in prison cells when they should be out, prison cells are cramped, correction officers serve with little incentives and mob violence occurs mostly because people mistrust the justice system and public officers still walk freely when they should be answering to the people about their misdeeds. Unrighteousness threatens our dignity as a people. 

Liberia’s best:

Not only must Liberia be first, but it also deserves our best. We will strive to seek what is best for our nation as we also rid ourselves of what ruins us. This will enhance our pride as a nation.