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Women, our Bedrock

Women are any nation’s bedrock. Without them there is no humanity and therefore, no nation. Too often, we have reduced them to household stools and have abused and misused them to justify our ignoble and insatiable lust for power and prestige. We desire to restore the Liberian woman to true womanhood and depend on her for guidance. Men have been key actors in the noble and ignoble, the respectful and ruthless and creating and destroying human civilizations. They are risk-bearers, the wealth creator sand misery inventors as well.

The Liberian man is becoming disillusioned about his identity, purpose and usefulness in society. Much agitation among our men borders on these factors. We desire to restore the Liberian man to true manhood, the man to whom his wife and children look and on whom they depend. The man who works, supports his family and dependents, and who gives back to the nation because he is satisfied about who he is and what he is and can do and be. The Liberian man has reduced himself to a much talking, little significantly acting and giving creature. That in turn has turned many into what they should not be and we must reverse these trends.

Our Philosophy

        One nation in and under God: God is the Creator, Owner and Sustainer of His universe and therefore, He is the center of His creation. The Liberia Restoration Party subscribes to a thoroughgoing God-centered, people-building and nation-transforming perspective.

God created human beings in His own likeness and image and bestowed dignity upon them. This dignity is the basis for the sanctity of life, a principle that requires all people to treat with diligence and utmost carefulness the lives of all other human creatures. That implies further, that people must respect people and accord the human creature the best courtesies possible. We wish to restore human dignity in Liberia, something we have obviously flouted.God created the universe with abundance, not scarcity. Human greed, selfishness, insensitivity and sin have led us to feign scarcity as a means to exploit what God has provided freely for all to enjoy graciously. The economics of scarcity is more a human creation than reality. We wish to reverse our thinking on scarcity of anything so that we can restore normal correlations between entities.

Every human being is endowed with certain privileges and abilities that in their course of development may develop further or die. The opportunity to develop a person’s natural privileges and abilities further in Liberia are for many a luxury. Too few opportunities abound that leave too many people ill-developed and their abilities underused, if ever used at all. Developing the human person has become a special privilege for privilege people who are too often too few for any significant national change. We wish to restore this opportunity ratio in our population.

Children are the future of any human society. Our society is filled with too many neglected, badly served and starving children for whom the nation may mean very little. Yet, these are the ones on whom the nation depends for its continuous progress and life. We desire to restore the Liberian child to where each will grow and develop into normal, healthy people who give back to their nation.

The youth are our next of kin. They carry in their bosoms the hope of a people and in their arms they hold the key to our progress. But we leave them far behind in our development strides and they must agitate to be heard and agonize to be served. We wish to restore the Liberian youth to a place where they reckon themselves not as notorious liabilities but national liberators. They are our human assets whom we must restore so they can run with our vision.