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LRP Donations

            The Liberia Restoration Party is the only political party in Liberia that is not centered around individuals whose only desire is often to seek the nomination of their parties' highest office owing to their some how well-to-do financial position. This position, we believe, is deeply rooted in the common and collective philosophy we exclusively share about humanity as a whole, God in particular, Liberia in general and our common future, a perspective that is helping to shape the mindset of many in this new dispensation. What this implies is that there will be no single individual whose rights will  rise above the other. While it is true that contributions varies from  individual to individual as a function of differences in the availability of resources etc..., the truth is that every contribution toward this party is done in the spirit of collective ownership equaling collective success. We try not to rely on a small number of well-to-do and well-intentioned volunteers, therefore we rely on funds  generated by members themselves irrespective of the amount. Therefore your membership fees together with other dues would provide a significant support in running the day to day activities of this party. In the absence of these sacrificial supports nontheless, our wonderful plans to transform this country will be delayed.

In view of the above, and given the level of transparency with which LRP functions with respect to finance and other critical areas of management, we have decided to reach out to all partisans-current and potential, sympathizers, friends and well wishers including those living outside Liberia to make meaningful contributions that will help make this party an outright winner in the coming November 2017 general and presidential elections. 

You may also subscribe freely to our  electronic mailing list that will cover reports on our finances and other aspects of the party.

Thank you so much for your support.