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" Providing leadership to restore Liberia"

Core Values

These core values shall guide the Liberia Reformation Party in conduct and business.

1.Servant-leadership:We have known “lordship” leadership where leaders are lords over their subjects. They drive them, they rule over them and exercise authority with force and might and they brew fear and insecurity in their following.The leaders thrive on their creation and so rule over their people. We wish to restore  Read More

Restoration Philosophy:

One nation in and under God: God is the Creator, Owner and Sustainer of His universe and therefore, He is the center of His  Continue reading

LRP Brochure

LRP Manifesto

2017 Elections Result

LRP expels Cooper

MacDella Cooper has been expelled from the Liberia Restoration Party for what  LRP considers "Incompatible value system and inconsistency in her leadership style."

Macdella Cooper has lied to the members and officials of the party about everything they thought she was, thus violating those basic principles upon which the party was founded.

In a recent presidential debate held in Tubmanburg Bomi county, Ms Cooper openly acknowledged her support for homosexuality, something the Party's Manifesto clearly frowns upon.


Welcome to the homepage of the Liberia Restoration Party, a party brought forth by the yearning desire of men and women of noble character resolved to see  Liberia restored to those principles and value system ordained by God and nurtured by our  founding fathers and mothers of this once ..Read more

General overview

Our country is moving fast into its second century with little specific focus, direction, purpose, collective short and long-term goals and objectives.1 In spite of its age, our nation remains lamentably young in human and infrastructure development.

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Restoration Metaphor

Restoration thrives on ideals that express themselves through selective metaphors. The restoration metaphor does not particularly rest on constructing a house or structure as it does on a renewal process. The nation has Read More

Our Platform:

A  huge question before us concerns the type of Liberia we wish to see and create. For generations politicians and political parties and interest groups have arisen and left the scene. And many more will come in the future. But we have to stop at a point and ask ourselves hard questions about the Liberia we envisage and how to bring it about. The restoration motif has got to be more than political talk. It must be about a way of live for a people. As such, it must operate within certain Continue reading

LRP chooses Standard Bearer

The Liberia Restoration Party, a party formed on the basis of Christian morals and value system has been finally certificated today June 26 2017 by the National Elections Commission in Monrovia.

In a short program hosted at the NEC headquarters on 9th street Sinkor, the chairman of the party, Rev. Jomah Woiwor thanked God Almighty for a dream come through. Details of the certification will be published shortly.

LRP elects Standard Bearer

In a national convention held a week following the certification of the Liberia Restoration Party, delegates from the fifteen political subdivision of Liberia came together and elected Ms. MacDella Cooper as its first Standard Bearer for the upcoming General and Presidential elections in  October 2017.

​Ms. Cooper who joined the Liberia Restoration Party exactly two weeks before the national convention held  at the party's headquarter on 17th Street in Sinkor won 48 votes against Rev. Samuel Thompson who received 7 votes of the total votes cast. A major press conference is scheduled to be held immediately after the nomination of aspirants for the 2017 general elections